This is your day of days. You want to celebrate it with gladness and rejoicing. It’s hard to think of something in your life that calls for more celebration than this. Churches, temples and mosques are past masters at celebration, but if you don’t feel this is right or possible for you there is an alternative over and above a basic civil ceremony – and I would like to offer you a special, unique and truly memorable addition to your wedding festivities.

This is where I can help. With many years of experience, I appreciate that many couples want a spiritual element to their wedding day but not one that demands assent to beliefs they may feel uneasy about, or convictions that may not be held by both partners, or perhaps by one element of the family but not the other.

So I work with you to provide a ceremony that is tailor-made for you, whatever your beliefs, whatever your path, whatever your circumstances. The emphasis is on working with you to make your wedding ceremony meaningful, special and truly yours.

Interested? I like to meet couples, chat on the phone, and email one another until we get the contents, music, words and rituals absolutely right. Our arrangement includes a rehearsal with anyone who has a part to play.

The usual practice would be to conduct your special wedding service soon after your marriage has been legally registered, for example at your wedding reception, which need not be on the same day as your Registry Office civil wedding. Or if you have chosen a civil wedding venue, I can work as your celebrant with the venue organisers to add that personal and special element to your ceremony.


You may want your ceremony to be totally non-religious, or you may want to include some form of religious content such as a hymn, prayer or blessing. There are no restrictions, so the choice is totally yours. Some ceremonies are between couples of mixed faiths and therefore the ceremony can be a blending of more than one religion.

Each ceremony is individually written for each couple and will be totally unique.

If you would like to learn more or chat informally about the options, contact me.